Suggested Interview Questions

for Dale Hanson Bourke

Author of The Skeptics Guide™ to Global Poverty


Does the topic of global poverty make you feel guilty or hopeless?

Are you confused by terms such as “third world”, “debt relief,” and “NGOs”? 

Wish someone would explain the causes of global poverty?

Wish you could do something to make a difference?

Today’s guest, author and humanitarian Dale Hanson Bourke, is here to help.

  • Why write a book on poverty?  It seems like most people already know quite a bit. Do we really have anything new to learn?

  • Most Americans believe the US spends a large chunk of our budget in helping the world’s poor.  Is this accurate?  And do you think we are doing a very good job of alleviating poverty?

  • Your book addresses some questions we don’t usually say out loud (such as “aren’t some poor people just lazy?” and “why don’t the poor just get jobs?”).  Do you find that people are often embarrassed to ask the questions that need to be asked? 

  • Give our audience an understanding of the basics: who are the poor and where do they live?

  • Why are people poor?  What contributing factors are we able to affect?

  • Explain a few terms for us that sometimes seem interchangeable: third world countries, developing countries, and the Global South.

  • Explain why many humanitarians believe educating women is an important key to reducing poverty rates.

  • There must be thousands of relief agencies, humanitarian organizations and religious groups doing work to reduce poverty worldwide.  How can I choose a group to partner with—one that is fiscally responsible and measurably effective?

  • In addition to giving money, what else can Americans do to alleviate poverty?



Guest: Dale Hanson Bourke, journalist and humanitarian

Book title
: The Skeptics Guide™ to Global Poverty

Publisher: Authentic Books

Available: September 2007, wherever books are sold