How much do you know about Global Poverty?

Test your knowledge with these true/false statements


1. There has been little progress made in reducing global poverty in the last decade.


2. The US gives more money per capita to help alleviate poverty than any other nation.


3. Overpopulation is part of why sub-Saharan Africa is so poor.


4. Malaria kills more children in Africa than any other disease.


5. Obesity threatens the life expectancy of some developed countries.

6. The main job of the United Nations is to help the poor of the world.


7. The poorest people in the world are most likely to become terrorists.


8. Prostitution is illegal in most of the world.


9. Child labor is mostly found in sweatshops.


10. Illegal immigration is having a negative effect on the US economy.



Quiz Answers


1. FALSE. Over the past decade, much progress has been made on many fronts to reduce poverty, improve living conditions of the poor, and help increase health and education.


2. FALSE. While the US gives the most amount of money overall, it change to: it does not rank in the top 20 in per-capita giving to the poor.

3. FALSE. Sub-Saharan Africa is not densely populated except in a few major cities.


4. TRUE. Approximately 3,000 children die each day from malaria.


5. TRUE. More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from obesity and related health conditions.


6. FALSE. It was originally founded to prevent future wars and still exists primarily to facilitate

cooperation among countries in a variety of areas.


7. FALSE. Most of the poorest of the poor lack the energy or resources to do much more than survive daily life. Terrorism tends to come from lower or middle class unrest.


8. FALSE. Prostitution is actually legal in a number of countries and is not actually illegal in some (such as England) although solicitation is.


9. FALSE. According to UNICEF, most children work in agriculture, sell products on the street, or are employed as domestic workers.


10. TRUE and FALSE. Overall, the US needs more workers, and people coming to the US illegally tend to fill jobs in agriculture and other areas. But pockets of the US economy are hurt because of US workers losing their jobs to labor willing to work at a lower cost.






From The Skeptics Guide™ to Global Poverty by Dale Hanson Bourke (9/07, Authentic Publishing)

Reprint permission and review copies: Pamela McClure, 615-595-8321,