Early Praise for

The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty by Dale Hanson Bourke



"America is blessed with millions of generous people who want to do something to help the poor.  The only problem is that most of them don't really understand the dimensions of poverty, what causes it or what can be done to reduce it.  As a result, their well-intentioned efforts often fail to make a difference.  This small book should be required reading for anyone committed to helping the poorest people in our world.  Clear, concise and compelling, The Skeptic's Guide™ to Global Poverty cuts through the myths and provides the facts necessary for any one to turn their good intentions into truly good news for those trapped in poverty."  

-- Richard Stearns, President, World Vision US                                                                                                  


“Dale Hanson Bourke looks at complex, global issues and creates hope by helping us understand both the problem as it impacts people and by identifying the solutions in which we can individually participate.  If you want to read only one book about poverty, read The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty.

-- General Claudia Kennedy, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired), Opportunity International Advisor


“This book contains everything you ever needed to know about poverty, but were afraid to ask.  It will move you from just shaking your head to being part of the solution.”

--Ambassador Tony P. Hall, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture


“We at International Justice Mission are grateful for this helpful primer on the lives of the poor.  The more we understand poverty, the more deeply we appreciate the need for justice systems that will actually protect the poor and empower their own liberation from cycles of destitution.  This book takes us past the barriers of distance and emotional numbness and provides a thoughtful platform of service with our vulnerable neighbors around the world.”

--Gary A. Haugen, President and CEO, International Justice Mission


"Most debates about poverty - its breadth and depth or its causes and cures - are conducted by policy wonks, experts, or ideologues. The problem is their personal agendas get in the way of the conversation, leaving the average person confused and depressed.  Dale Hanson Bourke offers a refreshingly different approach - The Skeptic's Guide™ to Global Poverty is direct, informative, compelling and a must-read for any person or group who cares about reducing poverty."

-- David W. Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture, and Assistant Professor (Adjunct) Business Ethics, Yale Divinity School


"This is the book people of good will have been waiting for.  The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty provides an invaluable introduction to the often mystifying world of global poverty – its causes and impact and the ways organizations and individuals can address it.  This book belongs in the hands of every individual and group that wants to do something about the suffering of their fellow human beings."  

--The Very Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III, Dean, Washington National Cathedral


“As Dale writes in the introduction to The Skeptics Guide™ to Global Poverty, “We need to get smarter about poverty.”  Her simple guide separates fact from myth and clarifies confusing terminology.  Every person who reads this book will listen to the news differently, and be better equipped to evaluate global strategies and engage constructively.  I know I will be referring back to the information in this little book again and again.”

--Lynne Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church, Author of Nice Girls Don’t Change the World


“While much of the world lacks resources, many in the western world lack the knowledge and understanding that might lead us to want to help the poor. The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty gives Christians the knowledge needed so that we are without excuse in our God-given mandate to help those less fortunate.”

--Chad Hayward, Executive Director, Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations