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The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty

Dale Hanson Bourke Answers Basic Questions About the World’s Poor


                Poverty and its related issues often make headlines, yet the average person is still confused about the causes, consequences and possible cures.  That’s what author Dale Hanson Bourke discovered when she began to interview people for her new book, The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty (Authentic Publishing, trade paper, September 2007).  Bourke has written a primer on poverty to help the average American understand the basics, and the book is heartily endorsed by leaders in business, humanitarian and religious circles.


The second in The Skeptic’s Guide™ series, The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty is highly accessible (just 112 pages) and purposely affordable ($9.99 US).  The book uses a question and answer format, along with photos, charts and cartoons, to explain issues in a simple but not simplistic way.  Bourke addresses some of the uncomfortable questions people ask about poverty such as, “Aren’t poor people just lazy?” or “With all the money that is given, does it make a difference?”


Says Bourke, “It is important that people have a place to ask the questions that really confuse them.  Unless we are able to overcome the misconceptions and confusion, we will never get to the root causes of poverty.” Bourke does believe more can be done to fight poverty and emphasizes that education of the “rich” about the “poor” is the first step.  The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty is not written by or for economists or sophisticated relief and development specialists. It is written by an average person to help other average people understand what we all need to know about poverty,” Bourke explains. 


Useful for individuals or groups, the book can also help humanitarian organizations, churches, schools and social service agencies educate their donors.  With topics ranging from globalization to child labor to the effectiveness of the UN, the book provides an objective and simple overview of the forces that divide the “haves” from the “have nots”. 


Richard Stearns, President of World Vision US, comments, "The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty should be required reading for anyone committed to helping the poorest people in our world.”  Claudia Kennedy, Lieutenant General U.S. Army (retired) and advisor to Opportunity International, adds, “If you want to read only one book about poverty, read The Skeptic’s Guide™ to Global Poverty.”

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Dale Hanson Bourke is an award-winning writer and a dedicated humanitarian. She is the author of eight books, including The Skeptic’s Guide™ to the Global AIDS Crisis, has written a weekly syndicated newspaper column, served as editor and publisher of several magazines, and has traveled extensively in developing countries. She has served on the board of directors of World Vision US and World Vision International, International Justice Mission, and currently serves on the board of Opportunity International.


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