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Better Than Ever: Seven Secrets of Great Marriages

Drs. David and Jan Stoop Help Marriages Move from Good to Great


Acting on insider information for financial gain can land you in jail for life.  But acting on the insider tips from Dave and Jan Stoop can set your marriage free.  The insider tips from these seasoned veterans of marriage counseling – the Stoops have clocked more than 20,000 hours counseling other couples -- transforms relationships from “good” to “great.”  David and Jan Stoop draw on research, years of counseling experience and decades of married life, to summarize seven principles of great marriages. Better Than Ever: Seven Secrets to a Great Marriage ($19.95, Jordon House/Meredith Books, December 2007) offers insight that can dramatically increase the satisfaction level of any marriage.


Biblical wisdom, combined with counseling experience and more than 50 years of marriage, lifts the Stoop’s Better Than Ever above other relationship books.  David and Jan offer seven marriage secrets to couples of all ages, at all levels of marital satisfaction. “What we’ve written here is designed to help you move your marriage in the right direction—to that place you dreamed about on your wedding day,” explain the co-authors and spouses in the introduction.  “Pressures facing couples today may be different than those that faced our parents, but the winning principles remain the same. No matter the age of a couple, or the stage of marriage, things can improve. Your marriage can become better than ever.”


Each of the seven secrets revealed in Better Than Ever is supported with real life vignettes and practical advice for relationships.  Dr. David and Dr. Jan Stoop’s seven secrets include:

  • Befriending Problems: Partners in great marriages view the need to work through problems as an opportunity for growth. These couples embrace conflict as a means of strengthening their character.


  • Facing Fears: Great marriages are made of spouses who face their basic fears such as a fear of intimacy, abandonment, or of being controlled.


  • Knowing the Truth about Love:  Great couples understand the dynamics of love--love is not a feeling but a behavior. They have learned that when the behaviors of love are present, the emotions follow. 

  • Answering the Leadership Question:  A great husband recognizes that his attitude can create an environment for greatness.  By accepting his wife’s influence, he leads with honor and love.
  • Speaking the Truth: Great couples live truthfully, with no need to use lies for protection or to gain control. Telling the truth protects the bedrock of trust that all great marriages are built upon.


  • Making Marriage a #1 Priority:  Great couples make their marriage relationship their top human relationship in life. These couples make sure their spouse is a higher a priority than even children or work.



David and Jan’s encouragement to married couples is heartfelt.  We have been married for more than 50 years,” they explain.  “We’ve certainly had our times of struggle, so part of our learning about marriage comes from our own life experiences. At the same time, much of what we’ve learned has come from getting into the trenches with other couples and helping them create the marriages they’ve always wanted.”  The Stoops are energized by helping couples create safe and secure relationships—truly great marriages where each partner looks forward to being together. 


Dr. David Stoop is a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of California.  Together with his wife Dr. Jan Stoop, they have led seminars and marriage retreats around the country and the world on topics of marital relationships, fathering, forgiveness, and parenting.  Together they have authored more than 25 books, including The Complete Marriage Book, Forgiving our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves, and Forgiving the Unforgivable. David Stoop is the executive editor of The Life Recovery Bible, which has sold over one million copies. David is heard regularly as a co-host of the national “New Life Live” radio program and has made appearances on national television shows such as CNN’s “Crossfire” and “The 700 Club.”  He is an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary and serves on the Executive Board of the American Association of Christian Counselors.


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Better Than Ever: Seven Secrets to a Great Marriage

By Drs. David and Jan Stoop

Jordan House/Meredith Books


Available December 2007

ISBN 978-0-696-23623-5, 224 pages, hardcover

$19.95 U.S., $24.95 Canada


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