The Beautiful Fight

By Gary Thomas


Suggested Interview Questions




  1. What is the “beautiful fight”?


  1. What prompted you to explore this idea?


  1. How did your previous books, like Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and Authentic Faith influence the Beautiful Fight?


  1. How can Christians come to understand holiness beyond a moral perspective?


  1. How can people keep up the strength to keep fighting this beautiful fight on a daily basis?


  1. Why do most Christians fall short of living this kind of life?


  1. You talk about the concept of being “holy available.” What do you mean by that? What does it look like?


  1. How do we get past the point of mere sin-avoidance to a life that radiates Christ’s transformation?  


  1. You talk about how Christians too often undercut God’s transformational powers. What are some ways we may be unintentionally—or intentionally—doing that?


  1.  How can we allow God to transform us? What does God’s presence look like in our mind, our senses and our service?


  1.  Christianity is commonly characterized with words like “struggle,” and “passion,” and now with you use the word “fight.” What are some of the struggles you have faced and battles you have fought with Christianity? How did you overcome them?





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