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REVEAL is more than just a book or survey—it’s a focused, research-based view of how the spiritual journey unfolds, validated through extensive survey input from over 157,000 congregants in more than 500 churches. This growing includes churches of all kinds of denominations, sizes and styles.

REVEAL identifies a spiritual continuum comprised of 4 unique kinds of people at different stages of spiritual development: Exploring Christ, Growing in Christ, Close to Christ, and Christ-Centered. Each group has uniquely defining characteristics; together they form a focal point for examining spiritual growth.

REVEAL dives beneath mere numbers and grapples with the more unseen elements of spiritual growth—it looks at how people’s spiritual attitudes, needs and motivations align with spiritual behaviors, and what activities and experiences catalyze growth.

REVEAL helps people move forward along the spiritual continuum—by providing insight that inspires action and movement. More than anything, REVEAL is about changing people—it takes a serious, honest look at spiritual formation, and isn’t satisfied with just numbers. REVEAL provides insight that inspires action and movement, and is dedicated to helping people become more like Christ in their journey of faith. 

REVEAL resources are developed by the Willow Creek Association and include the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey as well as two books, Reveal and Follow Me.

REVEAL Conference: October 14-15, 2008

Research is transforming the way church leaders think about spiritual growth  and how they can better support their congregation in becoming Christ-centered people. Hear from sixteen pastors--representing REVEAL’s top 5% of spiritually effective churches to date—as they share best practices for supporting spiritual growth. REVEAL conference registration and resources are available at