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Do You Think I'm Beautiful

Angela Thomas is a follower of Christ, mother, friend, best-selling author, speaker and teacher. She is a woman in desperate pursuit of God. Her determination to know God on an intimate level, and her dedication to studying the Bible, have taught her many truths, some discovered through tears and some in times of joy. "Once I came to really know Jesus in college, I wanted to do anything I thought would please God. In fact, I gained a lot of satisfaction in trying to do things for God," Angela recalls. "But one day all my spiritual props came undone, my marriage unraveled, and I cried out from the pain, 'God, now how do you feel about me?' Actually, I think I fully expected Him to send me to the back of the line and tell me I'm not valuable anymore. But I have come to know that is not His character at all." Angela Thomas graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in economics and television production. She began full-time work in the field of transportation, but it was her avocation, as part-time youth director, that led her to enroll at Dallas Theological Seminary. She earned her Master's degree in Dallas and moved to North Carolina to become a Minister to Senior High Girls. Marriage and babies followed not long after, providing Angela with much joy…and much change. Then in 1995, Angela took her first steps into the world of publishing. She had been teaching a women's Bible study for several years and one of her students encouraged her to start putting her words on paper. As a result, Angela contributed to Thomas Nelson's The Promise Bible for Students. She wrote her first book, Prayers for Expectant Mothers, during her fourth pregnancy and followed it with Prayers for New Mothers. Her 2001 Focus on the Family release, Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul, became a bestseller. Angela's writing has grown quite naturally out of her day-to-day life as a mother and as a woman. "I promised God that I would tell the truth about my life and His work within me, so my writing is just an extension of that. I'm really a storyteller, sharing out of my own life experiences." Angela's new book, Do You Think I'm Beautiful? (Thomas Nelson), will arrive in stores February 2003. "The message I want readers to draw from this book is simple: The God of Heaven and earth is wild about you! He's smitten, he's consumed, he's so taken with you." Some, noting her book title reflects an idea from John Eldredge's best-selling book, Wild at Heart, have asked if this is the feminine response to Wild at Heart. Angela's answer: "Well, it's my response!" Angela Thomas has the uncanny ability to be transparent in her writing. She tells stories, makes her readers laugh, and whispers to them about their most personal fears and heartfelt dreams. It is her vulnerability, alongside poetic prayers, that draw women to her heart. Today, Angela speaks at conferences, retreats, and Bible studies across the country. Audiences enthusiastically respond to her practical, relevant discussions, and she seems to instantly bond with all types of women. Without the wrappings of pretense or pride, Angela tells it like it is . . . and how it can be. Angela and her children, AnnaGrace, William, Grayson and Taylor, reside in Knoxville, Tennessee. Angela, a single mom, is heavily involved at Two Rivers Church, where her family has attended since moving to Knoxville more than three years. The counsel and encouragement of her pastor, elders and friends at Two Rivers are a vital support to Angela's family and ministry.