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Scale Down

anna Demetre has enjoyed more than 25 years in the health and fitness industries, including years of experience as a registered nurse, fitness professional, corporate marketing manager and trainer for a Fortune 500 company. Danna's passion for encouraging women toward greater balance of body, soul and spirit is evident in her writing, speaking and radio ministries. This year, her dedication to balanced living has resulted in the publication of her first book, Scale Down: A Realistic Guide to Balancing Body, Soul & Spirit (Revell). But the road to Danna's expertise has not been an easy one. She has weathered significant personal challenges including bulimia and debilitating panic attacks, and has learned to follow basic God-centered principles that have transformed her life. Danna has traveled a difficult road with painful disappointments in both marriage and with rebellious adult children. Danna knows firsthand the power of finding the peace only God and His truth can bring during dark and troubling times-as well as the restoration God can provide. Today Danna combines her professional knowledge with personal experience to offer advice for healthy living to women of all ages. Danna is the founder of Women of Purpose, providing quarterly outreach events in the California area to provide a resource for Christian women to share their faith. She and her team publish a quarterly mini-magazine reaching more than 6,000 women. She also produces/co-hosts a daily Christian radio talk show and hosts a weekly talk show, "Healthy Solutions," on KPRZ radio in San Diego, California. She is a frequent guest on local television news programs and cable health specials as well as a popular conference and retreat speaker. Active at her home church in San Diego, Danna is involved in leadership with her husband, Lewis. They are celebrating an exciting season of life, having adopted their grandson Jesse in 1997. She and Lew also have three grown children. For more information on Danna Demetre, her books, speaking engagements and radio ministry, visit