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Every Woman's Battle

Shannon Ethridge is a wife, mother, writer, speaker, lay counselor, and missionary for sexual integrity. Since 1989, she has ministered to youth, college students, and adult women at Christian conferences, retreats, seminars, and organizational meetings. Ethridge is certified by the Baylor Institute for Sexual Health, has participated in the National Leadership Summit on Abstinence in Washington D.C., and has spoken at the American Association of Christian Counselors' World Conference. But Ethridge's work with abstinence education didn't begin inside church walls; it began in mortuary school. Her first career choice, becoming a mortician, led Ethridge to enroll in classes that required work on cadavers. As she observed the number of young people whose bodies were brought in for embalming, she discovered that many of them had died from AIDS. She recognized that the sexual choices these young people had made during life eventually led to their deaths. Because God had healed her own heart and freed her from a lifestyle of sexual promiscuity, Ethridge knew there were better choices for young people. She graduated mortuary school and began working with youth, encouraging them to lead sexually pure lives and equipping them to spread the message to others. Shannon began developing and leading sexuality and abstinence education workshops in 1993. She organized BEST Ministries (Biblical Education for Sexual Temptation) in 1996 in order to teach young people how to have the best sex-by waiting until marriage. During her presentations at more than 100 youth retreats, Shannon has seen thousands of young people commit to sexual purity. After joining Teen Mania Ministries in 1999 as a teacher and lay counselor to college-age women, Shannon was specifically drawn to those who struggled with sex, love, and relationship issues. Shannon organized Women at the Well Ministries and wrote Words of Wisdom for Women at the Well: Quenching Your Heart's Thirst for Love & Intimacy. Shannon continues to teach Women at the Well growth groups at Teen Mania's headquarters and on college campuses. She has also equipped other women to start Women at the Well growth groups in various parts of the country and abroad. In July of 2003, Waterbrook Press will release Ethridge's new book Every Woman's Battle: Discovering God's Plan for Sexual & Emotional Fulfillment. This title is the first in the best-selling Every Man Series (Waterbrook Press) to be authored by a woman. Every Man's Battle, written by Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker, was the first release in the series. Ethridge has been featured on local and national radio programs, and will be available for interviews related to Every Woman's Battle during the spring of 2003. Shannon and her husband Greg, married 13 years, live in a log cabin in the piney woods of East Texas with their two children, Erin (11) and Matthew (8).