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Mom, I Hate My Life!

Sharon Hersh is a licensed professional counselor and a mom to two teenagers. It's hard to say which qualification is more important in the work she does with adolescent girls. Says Hersh, "I believe our love for our children ought to count for something. And it does." Sometimes, she explains, parents simply need a coach to help them follow their hearts. Hersh, a licensed professional counselor, runs a private practice near Denver, CO, with an emphasis in the areas of relationships, addiction and adolescent girls. Her unique approach with regard to adolescent girls is to bring the mother into counseling as well-using the girl's struggles to help strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. She seeks to address the spiritual, social, biological and psychological dimensions of her clients' lives. Hersh's latest series of books has grown from her mother-daughter counseling experiences, as well as her own relationship with her teenage daughter. The first book in the series, Mom, I Feel Fat! (Shaw Books) released in 2002. Her new book, Mom, I Hate My Life! Becoming Your Daughter's Ally Through the Emotional Ups and Downs of Adolescence (Shaw Books) will arrive in bookstores April 2004. The final book in the series will address alcohol and substance abuse, and is expected in 2005. Hersh has also authored Bravehearts: Unlocking the Courage to Live with Abandon (WaterBrook Press), the Prayer Path Study Bible (Zondervan), Mothering without Guilt (Zondervan), and numerous magazine articles. Explaining the impetus for this newest book, Hersh says "It is sad to see entire families held hostage by a girl's emotional life. I hope mothers will find something-tools, ideas, hope-inside these pages to help free them from the emotional chaos." She longs to see young girls freed to focus on their dreams, rather than their sadness during their promising teenage years. Hersh's professional training includes a B.S. in Speech Education, as well as a Master's degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. She earned her certification as a Licensed Professional Counselor in 1997 and was named a Certified Addiction Counselor in 2000. Hersh serves as an adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL, and is a frequent speaker to churches, para-church organizations and schools. Sharon Hersh lives with her family near Denver, CO, where her number one hobby is hanging out with her children (daughter Kristin, 17, and son Graham, 15). They rollerblade together, although the kids will tell you their mom still has problems going downhill.