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Pathway to Purpose

Katie Brazelton enjoys purposeful conversations. On the topic of purpose, that is. She spends a great deal of time talking with women about their dreams, disappointments, passions and purposes. It’s her job, but it’s also a small miracle since not many years ago Katie was a woman without direction or hope. An unexpected divorce left Katie financially well-off, and her husband proved to be a prince of an “ex.” But her relative life of ease did little to ease her broken heart. Katie was dispirited and desperate for purpose. In the years that followed, she pursued advanced degrees, world travel, and new career challenges, yet her sense of purposelessness continued. She begged God to give her a grand “cause” to champion, but it never seemed to appear. Instead, God was directing her through people he placed in her life (her sister, a seminary professor, her pastor Rick Warren) to challenge her thinking and unearth her dreams. As Katie discovered God had designed human beings to be driven by purpose, she felt that her search for purpose was finally nearing its end. Today she sees how God has used both her pain and passion to reveal and fulfill the purposes for her life. Katie now coaches other women who are searching for meaning in life as a Certified Christian LifePlanning Consultant with an international client base. Her passion for helping people discover life purpose has led her to Calcutta to talk to Mother Teresa about joy; to Belfast as a guest of Ireland's Nobel Peace Laureate to discuss inner peace; and to the tiny island of Malta to study St. Paul’s time of shipwreck. Combining her background in English and her passion for helping women discover their life’s purposes, Katie has created a series of books. Her Pathway to Purpose™ for Women products (Pathway to Purpose for Women, Praying for Purpose for Women, and Conversations on Purpose for Women, an audio CD and Pathway to Purpose for Women Personal Journal) will release from Zondervan in April 2005. Dr. Brazelton has been a featured guest on radio and television discussing the topics of parenting, life purpose, and ministry. Interviews for the Pathway to Purpose series are being scheduled for Spring 2005. Katie Brazelton currently serves as Director of Women’s Bible Studies at Saddleback Church (where Rick Warren is pastor), as Director of Saddleback Church Seminary and as an administrative faculty member for Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Her previous roles include Director of Research for Dr. Rick Warren, Director of Public Relations for a $30 million medical laboratory company and Vice President of Curriculum Development for an Ethics Education company. In addition, Dr. Brazelton taught English classes at local colleges for five years. Katie Brazelton, a Licensed Minister, has earned a Ph.D. in Human Behavior/Leadership, an M.A. in Theology, an M.A. in Educational Administration, an M.A. in English, and is near completion of her Masters of Divinity. Katie has two adult children and one daughter-in-law. She resides in Southern California, and enjoys leading groups on short-term mission projects around the world.