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Holding Our For A Hero

Lisa Harper is the proud owner of an XL Custom Sportster 883 Anniversary Edition Harley-Davidson. Could this signal a particularly loud and dangerous mid-life crisis? After all, Lisa was on staff at Focus on the Family for six years and directed the women’s ministry at a large Presbyterian church for several more years. Is Lisa ditching God’s Word for the thrill of leather and the open road? Hardly. Lisa Harper is quite simply a walking enigma: a Harley-riding Bible teacher. Lisa’s parents can be blamed for both affinities: the Bible and motorcycles. She was in church every Sunday of her childhood, learning from the pages of scripture. And her dad bought Lisa’s first dirt bike when she was just nine years old. Although she no longer tries to terrorize neighbors’ livestock with her bike, Lisa is eager to ‘upset the applecart’ in other areas. She believes many well-meaning teachers—and studies—unintentionally portray the Bible as a boring, irrelevant and outdated book. She’s eager to shatter that illusion. Lisa was raised in Central Florida where she attended church, made her bed most days, excelled in sports and made good grades. Her “good girl” image served as useful cover when she entered high school. As a freshman, Lisa found herself in a popular crowd of upper classmen. She chose to follow along with their weekend partying rather than follow her parents’ moral guidelines. Lisa’s mom, who saw through her daughter’s façade, prayed intently and signed up her prodigal for Christian summer camp. Lisa, horrified at the thought of being secluded with nerdy church kids, was resolved to hate the camp and everyone in it. Instead, God drew the prodigal home. Lisa started working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes a year after college graduation (Troy State University), and then signed on as women’s outreach director at Focus on the Family. For six years she helped develop programs and resources including the Renewing the Heart women’s conferences, a national radio program, and two worship albums. Lisa recently served as women’s director for a large church outside Nashville, and she is currently working towards a Masters of Theology at Covenant Seminary (St. Louis). Lisa continues to be overwhelmed at the favor God has given her: the opportunity to teach God’s Word and share hope with other women. She has been lauded as a master storyteller whose writing and speaking overflows with colorful contemporary characters and anecdotes that bridge the Bible era and modern-day America. Lisa’s style combines sound biblical exposition with easy-to-relate stories and a comedic wit that is quite simply one of a kind. Now a sought-after speaker at women’s retreats, conferences and other events around the country (including her Every Woman’s Hope conferences), Lisa is on the road more than 30 weekends a year. She has also been featured on radio and television programs such as “Midday Connection,” “Decision Today,” “Janet Parshall’s America,” “Focus on the Family,” and “Life Today.” She is the author or co-author of several books including Relentless Love, Every Woman’s Hope, May Bell’s Daughter and Renewed Hearts, Changed Lives. Lisa recently signed a multi-book contract with Tyndale House Publishers for a Bible Study series: On the Road with Lisa Harper. The new series launches June 2005 with Holding Out for a Hero: A New Spin on Hebrews, as Lisa takes a look at spiritual drifting, wrongful persecution, and the supremacy of Christ. The second title releases Fall 2005 and the third in Spring 2006. Lisa now resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys riding her Harley (especially to women’s conferences), drinking Starbucks coffee, and talking with friends about things that really matter. Some of Lisa’s favorite speaking engagements include the Every Woman’s Hope conferences which she leads alongside her best friends, Kim and Eva.