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Hearing God

Sue Kline is editor of Discipleship Journal and the editorial and creative director of the NavPress periodicals group. Sue holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in art from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Prior to her position with Discipleship Journal, she served on staff with The Navigators, the publisher of Discipleship Journal, for 12 years. Discipleship Journal is published six times per year for the purpose of helping believers develop a deeper relationship with Christ and providing practical help in understanding and applying Scripture to daily life. "I've dreamed of working on Discipleship Journal from the day I received the first issue in 1981," says editor Sue Kline. At the time that first issue of DJ arrived in her mailbox, Sue was being discipled by a more mature believer. From that other woman, she was discovering what it looked like to walk in daily closeness with Christ, learning continually from Him through His Word. For Sue, a magazine about growing in Christ and helping others to do the same was a true gift. Before Sue realized her dream of working on DJ, however, she spent 12 years working in missions and more than half of that time in the Philippines and Singapore. "I wore every hat imaginable during those years. I was a secretary, a discipler, an auntie to a bunch of boisterous teenage girls, and even a coffee-house manager. And the wildest thing I did was lead a twice-weekly Bible study in an illegal gambling house!" Although she had earned a degree in art, Sue credits a six-week typing course with saving her from becoming a starving artist. Her resume runs the gamut from teaching tennis in Maryland to underwriting insurance for taxi fleets in Hawaii. Sue grew up in a Christian home. "It was easy to act like a nice Christian girl while I was in high school because the clean-cut, all-American image was in." But on college campuses in the late sixties, the battle cry was "Anything goes!" Sue confesses, "I identify a lot with Solomon. He had this drive to try everything once. He came from a family that knew God intimately, he grew up hearing spiritual truth, but something drove him to find his own answers. That was me for nearly a decade.” Sue quickly realized the emptiness she had in these temporal pursuits. "When I realized I was missing something very important in my life, I turned to God for answers. I was troubled, though, because I had ignored Him for so long. I wasn't sure He would want anything to do with me, and I was absolutely positive He would not be able to use me in any significant way.” But it was a simple truth found in the Bible – grace – that changed Sue’s life. “I read 1 Tim. 1:16. 'For that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on him and receive eternal life.' Those words gave me a new mission in life!" In addition to her editorial role at Discipleship Journal, Sue also serves on the board of directors of the Evangelical Press Association, and is a past associate editor of Current Thoughts and Trends. Her favorite off-work haunts are bookstores, movie theaters, and art galleries.