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Second Calling

Dale Hanson Bourke is president of PDI, a marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in work with nonprofit organizations. She is also founder of The AIDS Orphan Bracelet Project and author of The Skeptics Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis. Her next book, Second Calling: Finding Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life (Integrity Publishers), releases January 2006. The new book holds particular meaning for Bourke who, along with millions of baby boomers, is moving into the second half of life. During her first decades of living, Bourke compiled an impressive resume of accomplishments. A graduate of Wheaton College (Ill.), she earned an MBA from the University of Maryland. She served as editor of Today’s Christian Woman, publisher of Religion News Service, and was vice president of International Marketing Group. As president of Publishing Directions, she helped create, edit and publish more than a dozen national and international publications and provided marketing strategy to a number of international organizations. She also served as Senior Vice President/Marketing of World Relief and has served on the boards of World Vision U.S., World Vision International, and International Justice Mission. Somewhere in the middle of her worldwide travels (she’s a lifetime million-miler frequent flier with United Airlines) and extensive professional accomplishments, Dale and her husband Tom managed to raise two sons. Dale vividly remembers those frenetic years of raising children, juggling career with family life, volunteering at school and building her professional resume. “Looking back, I can only think I was out of my mind. But at the time, I really thought I had it figured out.” As part of a generation that believed they could have it all, she just about killed herself trying. But her perspective and priorities have shifted in the last few years as her sons have grown and she has faced the fact that she is now in the second half of life. Dale spent several years reading books on the topic of living life well, from Judith Viorst (Necessary Losses) and Parker J. Palmer (Let Your Life Speak) to Richard Rohr (Everything Belongs) and Bob Buford. “Bob Buford has helped many men make the transition into the second half of life through his books Halftime and Game Plan. I’ve read both books and anyone who has been very career-focused in the first half of life will benefit from them.” But Dale felt that women’s experiences were slightly different and she continued to look for a book that spoke directly to women like her who really wanted to see the second half of life in new terms. Dale’s experiences and readings lead her to self-evaluation, to conversations with friends and colleagues, to new ways of thinking and living, and to the writing of a new book. Second Calling: Finding Passion and Purpose for the Rest of Your Life calls women to consider what God may have planned for the second half of their lives. She invites other women to join her on a journey of the soul. “God is calling you to build spiritual muscle, to develop a resume of soul work, to find peace and joy like you have never known.” Dale has learned to view her life in completely different terms and welcome each day as a new adventure. The author of six books and dozens of magazine articles, Bourke continues as a columnist for Religion News Service, primarily on international humanitarian issues, and serves on the boards of Opportunity International and ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). She lives just outside Washington, DC, and is a member of National Presbyterian Church. Married for 28 years to Tom Bourke, they are the parents of two sons.