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Killing Jesus

The Unknown Consipiracy Behind the World's Most Notorious Execution


New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield’s latest book, Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World's Most Notorious Execution reveals gritty details of political and religious intrigue. The book releases May 7, 2013, and electronic galleys are available now for select reviewers.

Retailers and fans have been eagerly awaiting a peek at Mansfield’s new book since it was announced in fall 2012. The book’s website ( goes live on March 11 and will satisfy curiosity with book excerpts, video from Mansfield, and links for pre-orders.                                                                                                           

Mansfield warns readers that the drama behind this familiar story is intense and violent. He explains the book’s gritty realism in the introduction: “The execution of Jesus was a crime born of the streets, the barracks, the enclaves of the privileged, and the smoke-filled back rooms of religious and political power brokers. Its meaning lives in these places still.” 

Killing Jesus reveals political and religious corruption that reads more like today’s headlines than ancient text. Mansfield invites readers, especially those who do not consider themselves religious, to explore the death of Jesus from a purely human perspective:

·         The Conspiracy -- Why corrupt religious and political leaders colluded to manipulate the system and crucify a rabbi

·         The Brutality -- Why Mel Gibson didn’t go far enough; the brutality of Roman torture and execution

·         The Sellout – How religious leaders sold out to Rome and left true Judaism

·         The Outrage -- Why Jesus’ public defense of immigrants and gentiles ignited the wrath of corrupt religious leaders

·         The Collision -- How Jesus’ final entrance into the gates of Jerusalem precipitated the collision of two kingdoms

Mansfield first began researching the topic of the crucifixion of Jesus as an undergraduate in the late 1970s. The author intensified his research in 2012 with a trip to Israel and consultation with scholars and experts. As a result of this in-depth study, Killing Jesus offers rich historical, cultural and political insight into the death of the most influential figure in history.

Stephen Mansfield is a respected writer, speaker, and commentator at the intersection of religion, politics and culture. The author of bestsellers like The Faith of Barack Obama, The Faith of George W. Bush, The Search for God and Guinness and Lincoln’s Battle with God, Mansfield appears frequently on national news programs such as Fox and Friends, CNN Newsroom, MSNBC News Live, and The Sean Hannity Show. He regularly contributes to, and other news sites. Stephen Mansfield lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and Washington, DC. (

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