We’re here to make you look good

Publishers hire publicity agencies for different reasons.  Some need a publicity partner to brainstorm and manage strategy for a major brand launch.  Some need turnkey media tour management.  Others want an effective national PR campaign.  Often a publisher needs a campaign that requires no author travel.  Pretty much every publisher would like to find the agency that writes the best press materials in the business.  And every publisher needs a publicity partner who understands that the #1 goal is not media exposure—it’s sales. We say this humbly: our agency can deliver it all.
What don’t we do?  We don’t exaggerate what our agency—or publicity in general—can deliver.  We don’t shy away from telling our clients the truth, even when no one wants to hear it.  We don’t promote music projects (we’re book people, even if we have a Nashville office).  Oh, and we never promote books and authors we don’t like.  
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