Comments from our clients, colleagues and friends in the media

"With M&M, great publicity is just the beginning. When you hire Jana and Pamela, you tap into high-energy, counter-intuitive, big idea thinking from two of the brightest minds in the book business. And they’re two degrees of separation from everyone – including Elvis (don’t ask). If you don’t feel you get far more than your money’s worth, laughed far more than you thought possible and ended up with the hottest book campaign possible, I owe you a bottle of Dave’s Insanity Sauce. Hire them now!"
--Allen Arnold, former Senior Vice President & Publisher, Thomas Nelson 


“We’ve worked with the team at MMPR for many years—they are true partners, always knowing what to say, when, and to whom.  Their guidance always hits the mark.  Superior communicators, these folks are remarkably adept at connecting message to audience.  We can’t imagine life without MMPR.”

--Karen Hill, Executive Editor for Max Lucado


“In my 24 years in the publishing world I have been a publicist, hired publicists, and had publicists working on my own books. And in my view, nobody does it like Muntsinger-McClure. They are smart, thorough, professional, experienced, connected—and fun to work with on top of that! When they're in charge of a project, you can rest in knowing that it is in the best hands possible. When anyone asks me, ‘Who's the best?’, without hesitation I say, ‘Muntsinger-McClure.’"

--Nancy Guthrie, Media Relations Consultant and Author


"Jana and Pamela are among the sharpest and most effective publicists in the business. They know everybody, their pitches are smart, they don't waste anyone's time, and they always gave me what I needed to get a story done. In addition, they're fun to work with." 

--Lynn Garrett, Senior Religion editor for Publishers Weekly

“When you need great national media coverage, you need help. Help is spelled M&M.”
--Joel Kneedler, Literary Agent, Alive Communications

"I open email only from a small handful of publicists anymore--and none more quickly than one that comes from McClure Muntsinger.  Do I need to say more?"
--Mark Galli, Editor, Christianity Today

“Combining tremendous industry insight and experience, great professionalism and integrity, and delightful personalities, Pamela McClure and Jana Muntsinger are simply among the best in the business.” 

--Andy Butcher, former Editor, Christian Retailing

“Even before I became a client, I had tremendous respect for McClure Muntsinger Public Relations. Pamela and Jana know religious publishing like no other PR firm I know. They are professionals who work hard and make things happen. And to top it off, they are a delight to work with.”
--Jeffrey Sheler, contributing editor, U.S. News & World Report, author of Believers

"I heartily recommend MMPR to any organization that wants to maximize its image and awareness. I had MMPR on retainer for two years. They not only knew what to do, but also what not to do. Their counsel was as valuable as their work. Top-level tactics and strategy combined."
--Jim Seybert, consultant, author and former corporate rat chaser

"We have worked with MMPR for more than decade, and they’ve always come through for us. What sets them apart is the effort they’ve put into knowing us as their client—what we’re about, what we need, what our clients need. Pamela and Jana do their homework! And reconnecting with them is always a pleasure."
--Sue Kline, former Associate Publisher, Discipleship Journal and Pray! Magazines

“I have enjoyed working with Jana and Pamela over the past 8 years. They are professional with great media contacts and care for each and every author they work with. Because of their combined experience, they know PR and are great at it."
--Karen Campbell, former Director of Public Relations, Zondervan

"Pamela and Jana are gifted women; they're witty, wise, and wonderfully creative!  Their enthusiastic advocacy has been invaluable to me as an author and their integrity has been inspirational to me as a woman of faith.  I believe their involvement in any project will help clarify its purpose and greatly increase its capacity for success!"
--Lisa Harper, author and speaker

“I've worked with Pamela McClure and Jana Muntsinger for nearly 10 years.  They've handled significant authors and media projects of every type, and I have yet to find another PR firm that can match MMPR's total capabilities.  They are the best!”
--Mark Sweeney, Literary Agent, Mark Sweeney & Associates

"MMPR is the consumate package of integrity and professionalism.  During my years working with Jana and Pamela, I've gained the utmost respect for them as strategic and creative thinkers whose PR initiatives consistently generate results.  MMPR exemplifies excellence in all that it does."
--Heather Adams, former Director of Publicity, Thomas Nelson Inc.

“MMPR delivers to its clients a high energy mixture of great industry contacts, on-target market instincts, and trusted professionalism.  I’ve never been disappointed on a project with MMPR.”
--Karen Watson, Acquisitions Director, Fiction, Tyndale House Publishers

“It has been my good fortune to have worked with both Pamela McClure and Jana Muntsinger for many years.  They’re creative, accomplished and always willing to do go the distance….plus they’re fun to hang out with.” 

--Steven L. Green, Literary Agent, Anvil II Management, LTD.


“I was truly grateful for the ECPA Pub U publicity track—such relevant speakers and topics! I walked away not knowing what to implement first. It was like drinking from a fire hose. Pamela and Jana made their experience and knowledge accessible—what a valuable resource these two are! I was definitely handed some invaluable tools that will help make me better at what I do.”
--Leslie Paladino, Publicist, Kregel Publications


“I’ve worked with McClure Muntsinger Public Relations for many years. They consistently provide an exceptional level of publicity for our books and top selling authors. With their knowledge of the bookselling industry and their strong relationships with a broad range of media, I can confidently say that Pamela and Jana are the best in the business!”

--Ginia Hairston Croker, VP Marketing, David C Cook


“Simply put, MMPR gets it.  They listen to exactly what the client needs, understand the challenges and complexities of each campaign, and communicate in a timely and organized fashion.  If you want maximum effort and results, make MMPR part of your publicity plan.  ”
--Curt Harding, Senior Publicist, Thomas Nelson

“A dynamic duo! I appreciate your enthusiasm, your keen attention to detail, and your willingness to go above and beyond all expectations. You are a delight to work with!

--Kathy Peel, Founder and CEO of Family Manager Coaching, AOL Family Coach


“ECPA was delighted to have Jana and Pamela as Publicity Track Leaders for our 2007 ECPA Publishing University.  True to form, these two proved why they are esteemed by many in our industry as truly the “cream of the crop”, delivering a top-notch program for industry professionals.  We so appreciate our partnership with McClure-Muntsinger and honestly feel that we could not successfully tell our story as an association without their guidance and expertise.”
--Michael Covington, former ECPA Information & Education Director


“If I could think of three words to describe my experience with MMPR, it would be professional, dedicated, and creative. I truly felt like Pamela and Jana were as equally invested in my project as I was and that kind of working relationship is priceless.”

--Stephanie Newton, Publicist, Thomas Nelson, Inc.

"Whenever I'm asked to recommend a PR firm, McClure-Muntsinger quickly comes to mind, and I never hesitate to offer my highest recommendation. Pamela and Jana are a delight to work with, are always professional yet personable and know how to promote their clients while offering the service we in print media want and need. "
--Christine D. Johnson, Editor, Christian Retailing