The MMPR Story

Pamela and Jana discovered the life of a book publicist through very different routes.  Jana found PR almost immediately after college (she was a journalism/marketing major).  She thoroughly enjoyed working at a publicity agency in Washington, DC, but didn't enjoy promoting a new Chlamydia test or a new drug for middle ear infections.  It wasn’t long before the world of books came calling for Jana—in the form of Susan Ligon at Word Publishing.  Pamela had begun teaching after college, but she soon decided that publishing would be a better fit (the pay wasn’t much better, but everyone could tie their own shoes).  Susan Ligon interviewed the publishing wannabe and invited her into the publicity department in 1991.  Which is how Jana and Pamela came to be working together at Word Publishing in Dallas, Texas.  
After several busy years inside the thriving Christian publishing house, and a corporate move to Nashville in 1997, Pamela and Jana noted with alarm that they were forced to hire out all the really fun titles to publicity agencies.  As in-house publicists and department managers, they were spending huge chunks of time in meetings, sales conferences and author acquisition presentations—not the preferred life of a publicist.  When Pamela mentioned to Jana that she might start her own PR agency, Jana loved the idea.  For both of them.  "Less Meetings. More Pitching" became the goal, and McClure Muntsinger Public Relations (MMPR) was born in the fall of 1999.  Word Publishing was their first client, asking the duo to manage campaigns for Max Lucado and then-presidential-hopeful Dan Quayle immediately.  In the thirtten years since that launch, their client list has grown to include almost every major Christian publisher and numerous national bestsellers.
In 2001, MMPR was named one of four finalists (from 300 nominees) in the Nashville Business Journal's annual Small Business awards.  The agency has provided publicity services and consultation for publishers, retailers (The Parable Group), associations (ECPA) and select authors.  Jana and Pamela enjoy teaching at publicity seminars and workshops, such as ECPA’s Publishing University, and they have been quoted in a variety of trade and consumer media.  They’ve provided pro bono publicity services for a handful of favorite causes through the years.

In October 2010, three of MMPR's current clients landed on The New York Times bestseller lists in the same week.  In honor of these three authors and their generosity -- each author donated 50% to 100% of their royalties to charity -- MMPR made special contributions to each of their charities.  The authors and bestselling titles were Max Lucado (Outlive Your Life), Jill Kelly (Without a Word) and Francis Chan (Crazy Love).  Authors such as these continue to inspire Jana and Pamela to promote new books that will truly make a difference in the world.