Jana Muntsinger

Jana landed in publicity because of her hair. As an on-camera TV intern, she found that management was more concerned with hair length (it was late 80s big hair) than her stories. A wise professor directed her to public relations – the career that lets you manage everyone else’s appearance.

Jana is a self-described book nerd and compulsive reader. She considers book publicity a “career jackpot.” (“Don’t let this get out, publishers pay me to read books and talk about them!”) She has been working in Public Relations since her graduation from Baylor University.

Jana is the party-loving extroverted wife of a Presbyterian minister. She regularly supplies books for Dave’s sermon preparation and contributes real-life cautionary tales by simply living life.  Dave mostly changes the names to protect the innocent.

Beyond reading, Jana loves to entertain, travel and cook…and because of the first three…exercise. But most of the time, Jana enjoys too much queso in Texas in the quest for the perfect fish tacos with her husband of almost 25 years and three children, 18, 14 and almost 12.